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Jon Barooshian

Jon Barooshian Quoted in Law360’s “Shaky Credibility May Bench ‘Varsity Blues’ Star Witness”

When news broke about the college admission scandal in 2019 (codenamed “Varsity Blues”), all eyes turned to the big-name defendants like actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.  However, the lesser known William “Rick” Singer is the man at the center of it all.  Singer has plead guilty for illegally arranging for the children of the wealthy to be admitted into elite colleges through bribery.  In September three more parents will stand trial.  It is unclear if Singer will be called to the upcoming trial.  Jon Barooshian spoke with Law360 about the impact of Singer being called to the trial.

“I don’t see how they avoid bringing him, but I could see why the government wouldn’t want to. If he takes a beating in this upcoming trial, like dominoes, the rest of it could really fall,” he said. “He does have some massive credibility issues, considering he pled guilty and agreed to cooperate essentially to save his own skin.”

Continue reading “Shaky Credibility May Bench ‘Varsity Blues’ Star Witness” on the Law360 website (subscription required).

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