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Mark Borenstein

Mark Borenstein Quoted in “Tree House’s Liquor Pouring Plan Reignites Town Neck Tensions” in The Sandwich Enterprise

When Tree House Brewing Company appeared before the Sandwich Board of Selectmen on April 14, a standard liquor license hearing quickly became heated when a group of residents attempted to prevent the brewery from serving distilled spirits to its patrons. The brewery was before the board for hearings regarding an alteration of premises for a farmer-brewery pouring permit, a new farmer-distillery pouring permit, and an alteration of premises to allow for the on-site pouring of malt beverages, distilled spirits, and wines. Mark Borenstein, who represents Tree House, spoke with The Sandwich Enterprise about the hearings:

“The brewery space itself is not changing, there is no increase in occupancy, there’s no increase in the footprint of the building,” he said. “It’s just simply adding an additional option for customers that don’t like beer and might like distilled spirits.”

Some residents are concerned about parking and increased traffic to the brewery.

He [Mr. Borenstein] also said that Ms. Bielan’s assessment of the parking-to-capacity ratio was not accurate. The zoning board and the building commissioner both approved of the parking that is available, he said.

During the hearing, Town Manager George Dunham confirmed that every town official consulted regarding the liquor license request had responded positively.

Continue reading “Tree House’s Liquor Pouring Plan Reignites Town Neck Tensions” on The Sandwich Enterprise website.

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