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Bob Young Quoted in Worcester Magazine’s “The Next Draft: In David vs. Goliath battle, craft brewer beats Big Beer”

On March 25, Stone Brewing won a trademark infringement lawsuit against Molson Coors Beverage Company. In the lawsuit, Stone alleged the Molson Coors beer conglomerate purposely stirred consumer confusion by rebranding its “Keystone” brand “STONE” in 2017, launching a deceptive and misleading marketing campaign that would later hurt Stone’s business. Bob Young spoke to Worcester Magazine about this case:

Stone notched a “huge win” in the trademark dispute according to Robert Young, chairman of Bowditch & Dewey’s craft beer practice group, who said Stone could take home more than the $56 million in damages the jury initially awarded.

“While that is not everything Stone had asked for, it is a significant sum, and the court still could triple that amount,” Young said.

Young notes the case confirms the importance of securing trademark protection for a brewer’s brand. “Up until now, most of the beer industry trademark litigation I am familiar with involved a larger brewer going after a smaller one over the rights to a name for a beer.  This case shows that trademark protection can help smaller brewers as well,” he said.

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