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Mark Borenstein Quoted in “Tree House Brewing in Deerfield OK’d to triple occupancy limit to 1,500” in the Daily Hampshire Gazette

The Tree House Brewing Co. has won approval from the Town of Deerfield to triple its occupancy from 500 to 1,500 for outdoor concerts and other special events. The brewery has 10 concerts tentatively scheduled for the spring and summer. During ticketed events, the brewery will be closed to the general public.

Mark Borenstein spoke with the Daily Hampshire Gazette about the meeting with the Deerfield Selectboard and the amendment to the company’s farmer series brewing permit:

“To be clear, the taproom during a performance … would be available to people who are attending the concert,” said Mark. “The taproom will not be open the public.”

One of the members of the Selectboard requested that Tree House provide a debriefing on its concert season at the end of the summer to see how things went. Mark, however, suggested the brewery provide consistent communication with the town to ensure things run as smoothly as possible, noting:

“A debrief later on is great, but constant communication is helpful. If you see something that Tree House might not realize is an issue for you folks, please let us know, then we’ll correct it.”

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