A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Construction Orders in Place for Massachusetts, Boston and Cambridge

The order from Governor Baker does not immediately affect construction work as construction functions are excluded from the stay at home requirements. That does not, however, mean that it is all roses from here since productivity and sequencing will both be affected. Please note, this does not appear to directly conflict with the Boston and Cambridge orders already issued as they relate to private construction projects. Read the March 23 Massachusetts Assuring Continued Operation of Essential Services Order.

Following Boston’s lead, the City of Cambridge has announced a moratorium on all public and private work (exempting small residential projects). All those involved with the construction and development process should begin anticipating forced shutdowns – whether by governmental action or manpower shortages – and planning for them by negotiating risk sharing now. The burdens of suspensions and moratoriums don’t have to metastasize into cancelled projects if teams work together to endure and overcome the present situation. Read the March 18 Cambridge Moratorium Order.

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