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Massachusetts’ New Economic Relief Bill – What Enabling Partnerships for Growth Means for Local Zoning

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Katherine Garrahan writes “Municipal adaptations, collaborations are key to community resilience” for the Massachusetts Municipal Association

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Municipal Support for Local Economies in a Public Health Crisis May Include Regulatory Flexibility

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Bowditch’s Economic Development Summit: A Showcase of Worcester’s Cultural Strengths and Unrealized Potential

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What Constitutes the ‘Exercise’ of a Variance?


Supreme Judicial Court Case Addresses When Homeowners Need Variances

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Urban Agriculture: Keeping Worcester Fresh

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Baker Looks to Zoning Changes to Address Affordable Housing Crisis

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Mark Borenstein writes “Use zoning to your development’s advantage” for the Worcester Business Journal

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Matthew Morris to Participate in Worcester Chamber’s Business & Government Forum on Opportunity Zones

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Therapeutic and Curative Training Is Not “Educational” Under the Dover Amendment

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Worcester’s Kelley Square Parking Experiment

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