Author: Jennifer Garner

Hand-made sign at a parade that says "Thank you Edie Windsor our hero".

Edith Windsor: Saying Farewell to a Brave Woman

Military people boarding a helicopter.

Why does the military get to discriminate against the transgender community? Is this even legal?

7th Circuit Rehears Hively Case

New Jersey Residents Sue Department of Banking and Insurance over New Jersey Infertility Mandate

Transgender Restroom Rights May be Headed to SCOTUS

Governor Charlie Baker Signs Transgender Public Accommodations Bill into Law

Massachusetts House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Passes its Transgender Public Accommodations Bill

The Campaign for Southern Equality’s Attempt to Reopen its Case Against the Governor of Mississippi: a “Hail Mary Pass?”

Federal Courts Find Transgender Rights Rooted in Existing Laws

Louisiana Governor’s Executive Order Offers Employment Protections for State Employees and Contractors

Mississippi Federal Court Ruling a Win for Same-Sex Couples Hoping to Adopt, but State Continues to Wrestle with LGBT Rights

Trans Public Accommodation Bill Soars in Support but Remains in Legislative Limbo

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