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How to Effectively Handle State and Federal Tax Controversy: Practical Tips and Strategies Explored (Webinar 10/7)

In recent years, state and local governments have become more proactive in pursuing additional revenue through stricter application of their tax laws. Additionally, revenue authorities have also significantly widened their search for new revenues. These have made taxpayers grapple with problems and lawsuits at the audit and novel roles.

Since tax auditors and department managers are searching for ways to raise revenue, the escalation of compliance activity can be a major diversion and liability for multi-state and multinational companies. Thus, it becomes important to plan for a potential audit in order to obtain resolution and reduce tax liability. It is also equally imperative to consider significant analytical procedures and planning methodologies that can tailor to the client’s specific conditions and efficiently handle tax controversies.

Bowditch’s Jon Barooshian joins a panel of other thought leaders and professionals brought together by The Knowledge Group.  Speakers will present important issues surrounding this significant topic and provide practical tips and strategies to help navigate, negotiate, and resolve these issues and controversies.

Key Issues:

  • State and Federal Tax – An Overview
  • Trends and Developments
  • Budget and Revenue Issues
  • Opportunities and Controversies
  • Tips and Strategies
  • Outlook

October 7, 2020
12:00- 1:00pm


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