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Will You Receive a Massachusetts Tax Rebate?

W-4 employee tax withholding document

Update Your Tax Withholdings to Avoid Year-End Surprises

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Broken Promises: Massachusetts Legislature Fails to Deliver Estate Tax Reform, Relief for Low Income Residents and Seniors

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8 Important Tax Considerations During Divorce


Supreme Court to Review Tax Penalties Imposed for Non-Willful FBAR Violations


Gift and Estate Tax Considerations for Crypto Assets

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Charitable Contributions of Crypto Currency

Scott C. Cashman

Scott Cashman Quoted in Forbes’ “Where Not To Die In 2022: The Greediest Death Tax States”

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The Wayfair Decision: How Technology is Changing State Tax Laws

Calculator that says "help" sitting on a tax form.

The IRS Reminds All Taxpayers They MUST Check Virtual Currency Box

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Postscript on Increased Reporting to the IRS for PayPal, Venmo, Third-Party Payment Networks

Sandra O'Neill

Sandra O’Neill appeared on the TODAY Show in “Here’s who will have to pay taxes on Venmo, Paypal transactions”

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