Author: Sandra F. O’Neill

Close up of a stack of "Bitcoins" with one leaning against the stack showing the logo.

Sandra O’Neill Writes “Crypto Currency Update” for Banking & Financial Services

Wooden blocks increasing in size, depicting inflation

IRS Issues 2022 Inflation Adjustments

Close-up dictionary definition of the word donate.

Year-End Charitable Giving and IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

Close-up of a hand using a calculator and doing finance at home office while writing notes in a notebook.

Massachusetts Taxpayers Find More Complexity in Differences Between Massachusetts and Federal Tax Law

Dollar bills in glass jar on wooden table.

Terry Briggs Quoted in Forbes’ “IRS Announces Higher 2022 Retirement Account Contribution Limits For 401(k)s, Not IRAs”

Checking off a checklist on a clipboard.

10 Reasons to Review Your Current Estate Plan

Person holding a credit card while using a laptop.

Tax Tips for GoFundMe Donors and Organizers

Close-up of "tax +" and "tax -" buttons on a calculator.

Impact of House Ways and Means Tax Proposals for International Operations

Two men sitting at a table with documents, a tablet, and a calculator discussing a document in one of the man’s hands.

Impact of House Ways and Means Tax Proposals for Trusts, Estates, and Retirement Accounts

Top-down view of employees working together with laptops, smartphones, and charts.

Impact of House Ways and Means Tax Proposal on Domestic Businesses

Glasses and pen with a Last Will and Testament.

Tales from the Docket – Single Parent Dies Without a Will

Person holding a credit card while using a laptop.

Oracle USA, Inc. vs. Commissioner of Revenue: Tax Abatements Available for Out of State Software Sales

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