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Bowditch Legal Podcasts: Estate Planning Strategies to Use in This Down Market

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Coronavirus / COVID-19 and Estate Planning

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Is it Time to Update Your Estate Plan?

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Reinvigorating the Estate Tax System: Proposals from the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

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The SECURE ACT Eliminates “Stretch” Distributions for Certain Beneficiaries and Impacts Estate Planning

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SECURE ACT: Foreseeable Change in ‘Stretch IRA’ Distribution Rules

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Will Your Trust Assets Be Protected If Your Child Gets Divorced?

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John Shoro Quoted in Forbes’ “IRS Announces Higher Estate and Gift Tax Limits For 2020”

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Heading South for the Winter? Tips for Establishing Domicile in Florida

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Planning for Your Digital Estate

Adults sitting in a semi circle around a coffee table holding a paper packet.

Estate Planning Seminar Series with Kristin Shirahama

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Estate Planning and Tax Considerations for Nonresident Aliens

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