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Mark Borenstein writes “Use zoning to your development’s advantage” for the Worcester Business Journal

Attorney Mark Borenstein discusses the importance of local zoning ordinances and bylaws in a recent article he wrote for the Worcester Business Journal on January 21.

While zoning ordinance or bylaw provisions can be seen as a detriment to development, a smart developer can make them work to their advantage. Says Mark in the article:

At the end of the process, a successful zoning amendment can have a lasting, beneficial impact on the community. Through new development permitted by a zoning amendment, a developer can activate an underutilized parcel or offer new uses and/or styles or sizes of buildings previously not possible at a particular property. Zoning amendments have the power to expand the tax base and promote economic development within a community. Developers just have to think creatively and work closely with a municipality in order to make proper use of this effective tool.

Continue to read “Use zoning to your development’s advantage” on the Worcester Business Journal’s website.

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