Annual Economic Development Summit: Developing for Climate Resiliency

Climate change is a prominent and urgent challenge today. In a 10-year study, it was found that commercial and residential buildings continue to be the single largest contributor to Worcester’s greenhouse gas emission.

The City of Worcester has proposed adopting a specialized energy code (stretch code), a more rigorous set of regulations for use of fossil fuels in buildings, promoting climate resiliency and aiming for net zero emissions.

On November 9, 2023, experts at our summit shared some of the development projects leading the way and also discussed:

  • How design and technological innovations can improve building performance and future-proof assets
  • Which types of building elements are best for the environment while also not jeopardizing budget restrictions
  • Benefits and challenges to implementing climate resilient development


  • Eliza Datta, President, E3 Development
  • Adam Jennings, Director of Energy & Sustainability, AHA Consulting Engineers
  • John Odell, Chief of Sustainability & Resilience, City of Worcester



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