Chelsie Vokes

Chelsie Vokes Quoted in “The end of affirmative action will have impacts beyond higher ed” in the Boston Business Journal

The U.S. Supreme Court decision ending affirmative action in the college admissions process is expected to have implications beyond higher education. For example, employers generally cannot consider race in their hiring practices, but organizations filling positions for white-collar jobs will now be recruiting candidates from colleges that may soon have less racial diversity. Chelsie Vokes spoke with the Boston Business Journal about the ruling and the impact it may have.

Chelsie said that employers typically focus on developing a pipeline of diverse applicants and often work with K-12 schools, colleges and industry groups to attract minority workers. She noted that this work will become more difficult in the post-affirmative action world. “They’re going to have to focus even more on those efforts because recruiting from competitive colleges isn’t a guarantee of diversity in your workforce.”

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