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Group of friends cheersing with glasses of beer.

Massachusetts Colleges and Universities Owe A Duty of Care To Students Who Are Voluntarily Intoxicated on Campus

Close-up of stethoscope on calendar.

What Massachusetts employers need to know about Paid Family Medical Leave (Webinar)

Lawyer is reading contract and business client is typing on laptop.

COVID-19 Related Release of Student Records

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Mandatory Self-Certification and Industry-Specific Guidance For Massachusetts Essential And Phase One Businesses

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

CARES Act Temporary Rule for Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Will traditional business insurance policies apply to claims related to the Coronavirus?

Office of Admissions and Recruitment sign.

NACAC’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Challenged: Does It Limit Recruitment Competition?

College students walking down a hallway.

Student Discipline on Campus: Public vs. Private Institutions

Lone employee still working in an empty office.

New FLSA Regulations Increase Number of Workers Eligible for Overtime Pay

A row of trophies and a red, white, and blue ribbon.

Framingham State Distinguished for Diversity Efforts; Only Public College in MA Honored

Male and female gender symbols on a cracked concrete surface with a large crack in the middle separating them.

“As a Concept, Pay Equity Seems Simple in Its Application…”

Close-up of stethoscope on calendar.

Department of Paid Family and Medical Leave Extends the Employer Notice and Private Plan Exemption Application Deadlines

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