Author: Tracy Thomas Boland and Aimee E. Bierman

I-9 Identification Documents

Pandemic to Permanent? Proposed Changes to the I-9 Verification Process

Football on field

Federal Court Grants Penn State’s Motion to Protect Title IX Documents, Sacks Student Athlete’s Call for Unfettered Disclosure

Covid-19 E-Alert

CDC Relaxes COVID-19 Safety Recommendations in Updated Guidance

person getting a vaccine

The First Circuit Dismisses Former UMass Students’ Appeal Challenging Vaccine Policies as Moot

Ethnic hairstyles at work

New Massachusetts Law Prohibits Discrimination Based on Hairstyle

pregnant woman at work

UT Austin Reconsiders Tenure Bid After $3M Pregnancy Discrimination Jury Verdict

Covid-19 E-Alert

Client Alert: EEOC Issues Updated COVID-19 Workplace Guidance


Client Alert: Department of Education Issues Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations

Emotional Distress

Emotional Distress Damages Not Recoverable Under Anti-Discrimination Statutes, Including Section 504, Title VI, and Title IX

Wage and Hour Law

Wage Act Updates: Massachusetts’ Highest Court Finds Limited FLSA Preemption of Wage Act Remedies and Employers Should Prepare for Potential Wage-Related Changes to Come

signing Violence Against Women Act

Violence Against Women Act Reauthorized: What It Means for Higher Ed

Chelsie Vokes

Chelsie Vokes Writes “If SCOTUS Bans Affirmative Action, How Will We Achieve Diversity?” for the New England Board of Higher Education

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