Author: Cesira Newcomb

Brigid Harrington & Chelsie Vokes

Press Release: Bowditch Taps Civil Rights Expert to Help Lead Its Higher Education Group

Tracy Thomas Boland

Tracy Thomas Boland Quoted in Boston Globe’s “How the OSHA vaccine and testing mandate might play out for local businesses”

COVID Webinar

OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard: What Employers Must Know (Webinar)

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

How Does My Offer of Work Affect My Employees’ Unemployment Claims?

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Mandatory Self-Certification and Industry-Specific Guidance For Massachusetts Essential And Phase One Businesses

Outside shot of a large brick and stone college building.

Title IX Final Regulations Explained (Webinar)

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Massachusetts’ Four-Phase Reopening Plan and Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards: Here’s What You Need To Know

Close-up of "tax +" and "tax -" buttons on a calculator.

Tuition Remission: If the Plan Discriminates, the Tax Consequences are Brutal

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

What Massachusetts Businesses Need to Know about Masks in the Workplace

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

CARES Act Temporary Rule for Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Labor Conditions Tied To CARES Act Loans To Employers With 500 to 10,0000 Employees

A Covid-19 E-Alert.

Massachusetts Enacts Bill Including Provisions to Address Real Estate Permitting Challenges Posed by COVID-19

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