Author: Timothy H. Powell

Outside shot of a large brick and stone college building.

Federal Court Recognizes Cause of Action Against University Under Title IX For “Student-on-Student” Retaliation

Federal Court Upholds Validity of Harvard’s Employee Separation Agreement

OCR Scales Back Scope of Civil Rights Investigations

Court Allows Retired President to Pursue Claim of Contract for Lifetime Pay and Benefits Against University

Professor Terminated For Relationship With Admitted Student Allowed to Move Forward With Title IX Retaliation Claim

Miami University Agrees to Settle Disability Discrimination Claims by Making Broad Improvements to Accessibility of Campus Technology and Curricular Materials

Federal Court Validates Fordham University’s Reentry Procedure for Students Returning from Mental Health Leaves

EEOC Releases Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation; Seeks Public Comment

University of Minnesota Case Clarifies Intersection of Title VII and Title IX Claims in Sexual Harassment Suits

Department of Education Places Renewed Emphasis on Protecting Student Information

NLRB Willing to Review Petitions to Allow Graduate Student Unionization

Education Associations Express Concerns With The Technology, Equality, and Accessibility in College and Higher Education (TEACH) Act

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