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Businesspeople about to sign a contract.

Disability Discrimination or Legal Limitations? How to Effectively Manage Your Employees’ FMLA and ADA Rights

Washington DC Capitol Building.

10th Annual Federal and State Employment Law Update

Federal Court Denies Bid to Dismiss Hostile Education Environment Claim Where Student Was Unaware of Remedial Measures Taken

DOE Launches New Website for Student Privacy Resources

OCR Scales Back Scope of Civil Rights Investigations

Caught In The Weeds: Reconciling Massachusetts And Federal Laws About Marijuana

Resident Advisors Are Subject To Union Organizing

Institutions Must Take Note of Recent Changes to CORI Regulations

Reading Past the Headlines: Computer Programmers Are Still Eligible for H-1B Visas

Ineffective Remedial Measures Expose Institutions to Liability Under Title IX

Federal Court Reaffirms Institution’s Responsibility for Off-Campus Activity Under Title IX

Federal Court Allows FLSA Claim for Salaried Employee to Proceed

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