Dollar bills in glass jar on wooden table.

“What’s in a Name?” Potentially, Treble Damages! A Look at the Massachusetts Tips Act

Open for business sign.

Un-Masking the Future: Reopening Post-COVID (Webinar)

Covid-19 E-Alert

Can Massachusetts Employers Offer Vaccination Incentives to Employees?

Covid-19 E-Alert

Can Massachusetts Employers Collect COVID-19 Vaccination Cards From Employees?

Doctor in white rubber protective gloves putting adhesive bandage on person's arm.

“Garden” Against COVID-19?

Dollar bills in glass jar on wooden table.

Massachusetts Minimum Wage Rates to Increase Effective January 1, 2021 and New State Holiday

Businesspeople about to sign a contract.

12th Annual Employment Law Update (Webinar)

Covid-19 E-Alert

CARES Act Temporary Rule for Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA

Covid-19 E-Alert

Employment Legal Issues in a COVID-19 Remote World (Webinar)

Hand rejecting alcoholic beer beverage.

Marijuana Legalization Sparks Debate on Brewers’ Responsibilities

Beer cans covered in condensation.

The Law as Inspiration for Beer?

Beer production plant, several rows of steel tanks.

Worcester Telegram Interviews Bob Young in “The Next Draft: Bowditch & Dewey law firm launches group catering to state’s craft beer industry”

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