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Private Wealth Magazine Publishes “Tax Planning In Uncertain Times”

Private Wealth Magazine has published “Tax Planning In Uncertain Times” by Sandra O’Neill. During this time of political uncertainty, we also are seeing uncertainty with tax planning. Congress cut corporate and individual tax rates dramatically in 2017, and now former Vice President Joe Biden is campaigning on a platform to increase taxes. Sandra O’Neill offers some advice:

Warren Buffett once noted, however, that taxes should not drive investing decisions. If you have made a good investment, why exit the investment and put your money in cash, for fear that you might pay more taxes on investment gains? Instead, Buffett has established a tax efficient structure with Berkshire Hathaway to make long-term investments. Its operating companies distribute profits to their parent tax-free; the parent then reallocates capital where it is most needed. You too can plan for proposed tax increases by creating a flexible, tax-efficient plan to grow and reallocate savings.

Continue reading, “Tax Planning In Uncertain Times” on the Private Wealth Magazine website.

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