Brigid Harrington

Brigid Harrington Quoted in “Will the Feds Strip Colleges’ Funds Over Anti-Jewish, Muslim Bias?” in Inside Higher Ed

The protests and incidents that have taken place on college campuses since the start of the Israel-Hamas war have led some conservative politicians and groups to ask the federal government to withdraw federal funding from schools that don’t take steps to suppress antisemitism. While legally possible, taking away federal funds would be an unprecedented move for the Department of Education and would only happen after a long and complex investigative process. Brigid Harrington discussed the issue with Inside Higher Ed.

Brigid said that any path to pulling funding begins with an investigation by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which can take “months, if not years,” and noted that for a college to lose funding, it would have to be unwilling to work with OCR at all. She further stated “It usually doesn’t come to that because it is such an extreme situation. When OCR investigates the college, they typically don’t end in revoking their funding. They end with a resolution. And in the resolution, the college agrees to do what OCR recommends.”

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