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Football on field

Federal Court Grants Penn State’s Motion to Protect Title IX Documents, Sacks Student Athlete’s Call for Unfettered Disclosure

Man with arm around woman in business setting

Client Alert: Congress Approves Limits on Arbitration Agreements and Joint-Action Waivers for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Claims

Employees at a table with documents in front of them having conversation.

“You are the sole judges of the credibility of a witness…”: Credibility Assessments in the #MeToo Era

Outside shot of a large brick and stone college building.

Proposed Title IX Regulations: 10 Changes That Colleges and Universities Need to Know

Legal meeting.

It’s Final: Colleges Now Must Report Sexual Harassment to National Science Foundation

New York University Waverly Building.

Lawsuit Filed Following NYU Title IX Investigation In Ronell-Reitman Case

Employees at a table with documents in front of them having conversation.

Defamation in the #MeToo Era

Business man pushing a large round stone up a steep stone hill.

New York Fights Workplace Sexual Harassment – Does Massachusetts Stack Up?

Microscope in the Laboratory, modern close-up shot.

National Science Foundation Proposes Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting Requirements

Title IX proposed regulations

School’s Historical Treatment of Other Title IX Claims Used to Support an “Erroneous Outcome” Claim

Blurred image of a staff meeting.

Tail Wags Dog Again: Retaliation Claim Survives Despite Dismissal of Harassment Claim

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