Category: Harassment

“You are the sole judges of the credibility of a witness…”: Credibility Assessments in the #MeToo Era

Proposed Title IX Regulations: 10 Changes That Colleges and Universities Need to Know

sexual harassment reporting

It’s Final: Colleges Now Must Report Sexual Harassment to National Science Foundation

Lawsuit Filed Following NYU Title IX Investigation In Ronell-Reitman Case

Defamation in the #MeToo Era

New York Fights Workplace Sexual Harassment – Does Massachusetts Stack Up?

National Science Foundation, colleges, universities

National Science Foundation Proposes Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting Requirements

gender bias, Title IX, sexual misconduct, gender gap

School’s Historical Treatment of Other Title IX Claims Used to Support an “Erroneous Outcome” Claim

Tail Wags Dog Again: Retaliation Claim Survives Despite Dismissal of Harassment Claim

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