Tag: Title IX

Campus Crossroads: When the business of college athletics meets the law of Title IX

Title IX Final Regulations Explained (Webinar)

Deliberate Indifference, Revisited

Proposed Title IX Regulations: 10 Changes That Colleges and Universities Need to Know

Court ruling

First Circuit Rules That Title IX Does Not Cover Claim by Non-Student

Deliberate Indifference: Can a School be Liable for Acting When the Victim Requests Inaction?

gender bias, Title IX, sexual misconduct, gender gap

School’s Historical Treatment of Other Title IX Claims Used to Support an “Erroneous Outcome” Claim

Federal Court Recognizes Cause of Action Against University Under Title IX For “Student-on-Student” Retaliation

Massachusetts Senate Moves to Preserve and Expand Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Requirements for Public and Private Colleges and Universities

Trump Administration’s Department of Education Contemplating Changes to Enforcement of Title IX as Applied to Sexual Misconduct

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