AiVi Nguyen.

AiVi Nguyen Quoted in Worcester Telegram’s “Number of women in top executive roles rising in Central Mass.”

According to the American Association of University Women, women outnumber men in earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees and are nearly on par in obtaining medical and legal degrees. This statistic is supported by the increasing number of women in top executive roles in Central Massachusetts. Bowditch partner AiVi Nguyen spoke with the Worcester Telegram with her perspective:

Aivi Nguyen, a lawyer and partner at Worcester-based law firm Bowditch and Dewey, 35, said she and other millennials are very optimistic that gender and racial equity will be the norm.

“I think my generation is ‘I’m equal to the guys and the guys think I’m equal to them too. That’s why things are changing,” said Nguyen, who grew up in Main South to parents who immigrated from Vietnam.

She said women are steering the change. Men, she said, are reacting. “I think men are just sort of adapting to a changing female professional population,” said Nguyen.

“In all facets of the U.S. and the world women have more buying power … more education. I think we’re leveraging ourselves … our womanhood to climb the corporate ladder” she said enthusiastically. “Millennials are optimistic. We are the future of Worcester. My peers may not run those companies yet, but they will. I’m hopeful and optimistic about that.”

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