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AiVi Nguyen writes “10 Things I know about … How companies respond to George Floyd’s killing” for the Worcester Business Journal

Diversity Bw

Another Victory in the L.G.B.T.Q.-Rights Movement


Blind Hiring: An Experiment in Craft Beer Inclusion

Diversity Bw

Framingham State Distinguished for Diversity Efforts; Only Public College in MA Honored

Lgbtq Rights B W 04404392x7abd9

Transgender College Students Face Higher Rates of Mental Illness

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Court Rejects First Amendment Challenge to University Diversity and Inclusion Policies


Brewers Association Diversity Grants Support Diverse, Inclusive Craft Beer Events

Women Leadership

The Commonwealth Institute Releases Findings from Bowditch-Sponsored 2019 Women’s Leadership Development in Massachusetts Impact Study

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The Pay Equity Battle Rages On for U.S. Soccer

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“As a Concept, Pay Equity Seems Simple in Its Application…”

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“Heading” to Court: The Battle for Equality in U.S. Soccer


Proposed Bill to Mandate Female Directors on Corporate Boards

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