Category: Discrimination

Diverse group of adults at a table.

AiVi Nguyen writes “10 Things I know about … How companies respond to George Floyd’s killing” for the Worcester Business Journal

Team standing in a circle with their hands in a pile in the center.

Another Victory in the L.G.B.T.Q.-Rights Movement

Empty boardroom with large class windows.

Blind Hiring: An Experiment in Craft Beer Inclusion

Team standing in a circle with their hands in a pile in the center.

Framingham State Distinguished for Diversity Efforts; Only Public College in MA Honored

Transgender gender symbol.

Transgender College Students Face Higher Rates of Mental Illness

Man and woman dressed in suits sitting on a loveseat with their arms crossed.

Court Rejects First Amendment Challenge to University Diversity and Inclusion Policies

Beer flight.

Brewers Association Diversity Grants Support Diverse, Inclusive Craft Beer Events

Businesswoman standing with her hand on her hip in an office looking out the window.

The Commonwealth Institute Releases Findings from Bowditch-Sponsored 2019 Women’s Leadership Development in Massachusetts Impact Study

Employer handing employee a paycheck.

The Pay Equity Battle Rages On for U.S. Soccer

A piggy bank balancing on a scale with a person using a single finger to make it even.

“As a Concept, Pay Equity Seems Simple in Its Application…”

Male and female gender symbols on a cracked concrete surface with a large crack in the middle separating them.

“Heading” to Court: The Battle for Equality in U.S. Soccer

Empty boardroom with large class windows.

Proposed Bill to Mandate Female Directors on Corporate Boards

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