Maria Remillard

Maria Remillard Writes “10 Things I know about … Prenuptial agreements” for the Worcester Business Journal

Despite their perceived reputation, prenuptial agreements are not only for celebrities or those with wealth. Entering into a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse will make it easier to allocate assets and debt should you end up divorcing. And while no one plans to get divorced after saying “I do,” a prenuptial agreement makes financial sense and can even provide additional benefits. In the Worcester Business Journal, Maria discusses the reasons you need a prenuptial agreement. Here is an excerpt:

10. Yes, you need one. Half of all marriages end in divorce. Prenups protect your assets, preserve your inheritance, and make sure you don’t get stuck with your ex-spouse’s debt.

9. Divorce lawyers have seen a significant rise in demand for prenups, especially among Millennials, who are getting married later when they have established careers and often keep separate bank accounts.

Continue reading the full article “10 Things I know about … Prenuptial agreements” on the Worcester Business Journal website.

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