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Accommodation Requests in a Post-Pandemic World (Higher Education Roundtable Series)

Colleges and universities are adapting to a new set of circumstances on campus, and doing so requires a different approach to accommodation requests than three years ago. Student, faculty, and other employee requests for accommodation have changed based on experiences during the pandemic, and the mental health of all community members – on and off campus – has become a greater concern.

During our Higher Education Roundtable Series, Brigid Harrington, Aimee Bierman, Chelsie Vokes, and Ben Hinks provided policy drafting tips and best practices for responding to accommodation requests, such as:

  • Remote learning and remote employment/teaching requests
  • Best practices for addressing mental health concerns in a responsive, flexible, and non-discriminatory manner
  • Concerns for people with family members with COVID (childcare, lower risk tolerance)
  • Vaccination mandates
  • Implications for addressing outbreaks and other health concerns in the future




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