Author: Ariel G. Sullivan

Outside shot of a large brick and stone college building.

Proposed Title IX Regulations: 10 Changes That Colleges and Universities Need to Know

Office of Admissions and Recruitment sign.

Department of Education Tosses Obama-Era Affirmative-Action Guidance in the Garbage

Close-up of stethoscope on calendar.

Unused Sick Time Does Not Count as “Wages” Under Massachusetts Law

Blurred image of a staff meeting.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Training: What Works and What Doesn’t

Reading Past the Headlines: Computer Programmers Are Still Eligible for H-1B Visas

Leaked Draft Executive Order Calls for More Monitoring of Foreign Students and More Hurdles to Obtain Post-Graduate Jobs

What Colleges and Universities (and the Public) Can Learn From the Stanford Rape Case

Baylor University’s Title IX Admissions – True Contrition or Preemptive Strike?

DOE Takes Further Steps to Protect Students From Predatory Higher Education Institutions

Affirmative Consent Standards Under FIRE

Inclusion of Transgender Students in Collegiate Athletics

Several New Employment Statutes Will Impact Massachusetts Institutions This Year

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