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Super ‘Subs’? Maybe, Says Federal Appeals Court

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Trump Executive Order Focuses on Campus Free Speech and Student Loans

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Deliberate Indifference, Revisited

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Post-Trial Arguments Heard in Harvard Admissions Discrimination Case

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Massachusetts Proposes Enhanced Oversight of College Finances

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Proposed Title IX Regulations: 10 Changes That Colleges and Universities Need to Know

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Race-Conscious Student Selection Policies Continue to Garner Legal Scrutiny

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USCIS Strengthens Reentry Bars for International Students

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When Race Meets Sex: Can Employment Decisions Regarding Sexual Misconduct Give Rise to Discrimination Claims?

Student Loans

Court Strikes Down DOE’s Efforts to Block Its Own Regulations From Taking Effect

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It’s Final: Colleges Now Must Report Sexual Harassment to National Science Foundation

Gender Differences

Beyond the Advancement Decision Itself: When Lack of Opportunities and Resources May Constitute Sex Discrimination

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