Author: Chelsie A. Vokes

Close-up of a Visa.

USCIS Strengthens Reentry Bars for International Students

Legal meeting.

It’s Final: Colleges Now Must Report Sexual Harassment to National Science Foundation

Students writing in notebooks.

Proponents Continue Push for Bill to Address Campus Sexual Assault

A piggy bank balancing on a scale with a person using a single finger to make it even.

Canada Day Brings Equal P’Eh? Protections for Women

Business man pushing a large round stone up a steep stone hill.

New York Fights Workplace Sexual Harassment – Does Massachusetts Stack Up?

College students walking down a hallway.

Court Finds Colleges Must Protect Students from Danger

Microscope in the Laboratory, modern close-up shot.

National Science Foundation Proposes Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting Requirements

Parking lot.

Court Finds Older Parking Lots Not Subject to ADA’s “Meaningful Access” Requirement

Four yellow rubber ducks facing away from a single pink rubber duck.

Court Finds Disability Must be Sole Reason for Firing

Policies and procedures folders on a desk surrounded by office supplies.

New NCAA Policy Directed to Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

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