Category: Discrimination

Race-Conscious Student Selection Policies Continue to Garner Legal Scrutiny

When Race Meets Sex: Can Employment Decisions Regarding Sexual Misconduct Give Rise to Discrimination Claims?

gender and sex discrimination

Beyond the Advancement Decision Itself: When Lack of Opportunities and Resources May Constitute Sex Discrimination

Classroom, ADA, higher education

The ADA in Higher Education: Questions Regarding Personal Responsibility and the “Interactive Process”

Higher Education Institutions Join Fortune 500 Companies in Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

Pay equality, gender, EEOC

Canada Day Brings Equal P’Eh? Protections for Women

court, plaintiff, appeals, litigation

Employment Discrimination on Campus – Administrative Restructuring Not Pretext for Discrimination

Tail Wags Dog Again: Retaliation Claim Survives Despite Dismissal of Harassment Claim


Court Finds Disability Must be Sole Reason for Firing


Court Refuses to Adopt View That Member of a Protected Class Cannot Discriminate Against Other Members of That Class

Supervisors and Managers Can Use Subordinates as “Comparators” in Workplace Discrimination Cases

Federal Court Upholds Validity of Harvard’s Employee Separation Agreement

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