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Say Anything? Tips and Strategies for Addressing Student and Employee Speech on Campus and Online

Colleges and universities foster the development and exchange of ideas. Sometimes, though, robust debate – both among students and employees – can devolve into insults, threats, or worse. When can an institution step in to moderate, or even cut off, the discussion? How can an institution monitor speech over the vast expanse of the internet?

Using current events, case law, recent NLRB decisions and personal experience as guidance, attorneys AiVi Nguyen, Robert Young and Anthony Dragga will provide tips, recommendations and strategies for addressing complicated matters of student and employee speech in the digital age, including matters of academic freedom, free speech and student activism.

Join us in Worcester or South Hadley as our attorneys discuss strategies for businesses and educational institutions to address student and employee speech on campus, in the office or online. Ample time will be provided to respond to your questions.

Attorneys speaking:

Breakfast or lunch will be served – there is no cost to attend.

Register for a session by clicking on the location below.

SOUTH HADLEY on March 11 at the Willits-Hallowell Center, Mount Holyoke College
WORCESTER on March 18 at Bowditch & Dewey

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