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Close-up of hands gesturing as someone is talking.Close-up of hands gesturing as someone is talking.

About Us

Value to Clients

Our client-focused viewpoint is guided by three tenets – diligence, expertise and insight – that have enabled our firm to help clients achieve their goals ever since we were founded over 100 years ago.

We’re active listeners who continually ask for formal and informal feedback in order to keep improving client service and satisfaction and implementing sensible solutions for our clients.

We control costs to clients and deliver value through lean staffing and innovative billing. We’re also receptive to alternative fee arrangements and we budget engagements sensibly, with built-in flexibility.

Client Service Philosophy

Promptly returning phone calls and turning documents around quickly and efficiently is absolutely critical, but that alone is not enough. We want to know and understand our clients’ objectives and their obstacles to success. In this way, we have a holistic, 360-degree approach to client service, providing top-notch advice, connection and advocacy.

We pledge to do the work to understand our clients and the industries in which they operate at our expense in order to provide personalized, top-notch legal services and to meet our client’s objectives as they define them. It is a pledge backed up by written client service standards, by years of successfully and seamlessly partnering with our clients and by ensuring that every client feels as though they know their lawyer.

Value Beyond Price

Our lawyers have provided benefits to clients for many years, including:

  • Develop numerous tailored educational seminars
  • Connect clients through firm produced and sponsored networking events
  • Offer knowledge management, including extranets, in support of client operations
  • Provide customized transactional forms
  • Function as short term in-house lawyers
  • Serve as interviewers for in-house positions
  • Provide offices, conference rooms and facilities without charge
  • Support personal and corporate charities


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