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Terry Briggs co-creates SAIS student enrollment survey

In a collaborative efforts with two heads of schools, Terry Briggs created and administered a survey titled, “Is It Time for Schools to Embrace Continuous Re-enrollment?” through the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS).

Continuous Enrollment (CE), or “Evergreen Enrollment,” is currently subject for debate within the realm of independent schools. The model promises several significant benefits, including student retention, ease of re-enrollment, and reducing the workload of school admissions officers. However, also comes with several potential pitfalls. In fall 2017, a survey was sent to independent schools in the Southeastern United States and in California, inviting them to share their perspectives and experiences with continuous enrollment. A total of 52 schools responded to the survey, providing the results below.

School positions along the CE continuum:

  • Currently considering transitioning to CE – 44%
  • Not considered CE – 26%
  • Successfully transitioned to CE, happy with change – 17%
  • Studied moving to CE but decided against the change – 7%
  • In process of transitioning to CE – 4%
  • Attempted CE, returned to traditional model – 2%

Initial exposure to CE came from the following sources:

  • Professional literature – 60%
  • Conference presentation – 20%
  • Nearby school implemented CE – 8%
  • Senior administrator had CE at previous school – 4%
  • Regional association – 4%
  • Colleague at another school – 4%

For a detailed summary of the survey, visit the Southern Association of Independent Schools website.

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