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AiVi Nguyen

AiVi Nguyen Profiled in Advance of Boston College Law’s 10th Reunion of the Class of 2009

In advance of its 10th reunion of the class of 2009 on November 1, Boston College Law School featured updates on “classmates who have followed their passions beyond the customary practice of law.” Bowditch partner AiVi Nguyen had this to say in her profile:

It’s hard to summarize what I have been doing since graduating from BC Law in 2009, but I’ll try.

I have always viewed my career as two-fold— attorney and public servant—and I strive for excellence in both. In 2019, there aren’t many business litigators who are women of color. That was certainly the case in 2009 when I started practicing at Bowditch. I never took for granted that my position at Bowditch gave me a certain credibility in the community that I could leverage to help effectuate social change. I came from nothing, and on my path from nothing to here, I became acutely aware of the disparities in opportunity based on where someone fell on the socioeconomic scale.

Read more about AiVi Nguyen here.

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