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Law Update 2022

13th Annual Employment Law Update

Join us (virtually) for the 13th Annual Law Update, where we’ll review 2021 hot topics in employment law and look ahead to 2022. The two programs will cover different topics so please sign up for both, if appropriate.

Speakers will provide updates on the law, refreshers, and practical advice for HR professionals and senior administrators of your organization or campus as we enter 2022. We aim to offer a program that balances our goals of keeping you informed and providing an opportunity to address your questions, while respecting your time as you work to weave another webinar into your busy days.

FEBRUARY 1, 2022


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Topics include:

  • COVID update (including the status of vaccine mandates, MA COVID Emergency Paid Sick Leave and anything else that arises by February!) (Presented by Jake Tosti, starting at 2pm)
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave update (Presented by Aimee Bierman, starting at 2:15pm)
  • Mental health in the workplace (how to spot issues and how to handle them) (Presented by Tracy Thomas Boland, starting at 2:30pm)
  • How litigants and the courts are grappling with COVID, and what’s likely to stay in place in a post-COVID world (Presented by Jared Fiore, starting at 3pm)

FEBRUARY 3, 2022


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Topics include:

  • 2021 Massachusetts Campus Sexual Violence Act (Presented by Chelsie Vokes & Brigid Harrington, starting at 2pm)
  • First year of the Title IX regulations (Presented by Chelsie Vokes & Brigid Harrington, starting at 2:45pm)



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