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Jon Barooshian

Jon Barooshian Quoted in Law360’s “Skeptical ‘Varsity Blues’ Judge Gives Coach Fighter’s Chance”

A former University of Southern California water polo coach was convicted in the “Varsity Blues” college admissions case.  Now, the coach and his attorney have asked U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani to schedule briefing on a so-called Rule 29 motion for acquittal.  Judge Talwani has appeared critical of the government’s evidence, offering the defense a glimmer of hope.  Jon Barooshian spoke with Law360 about the case:

Jon Barooshian of Bowditch and Dewey LLP said there were some unfavorable facts introduced at trial that Vavic may struggle to overcome, particularly Singer paying the tuition for Vavic’s sons at a private Los Angeles high school.

“But for his kids’ tuition being paid, I think he would have won that case,” Barooshian said. He said the defense will likely raise the issue of Singer’s credibility and the numerous hearsay statements introduced at trial.

But ultimately, many of the legal issues are ripe for the courts of appeals, Barooshian said, and the uphill battle for a judgment of acquittal can be even steeper in a case that has the nation’s eyes upon it.

“I could see the argument, I just don’t think it’s going to be fruitful, not in front of a district court judge,” Barooshian said. “The level of scrutiny on this leading up to trial by the courts has been pretty substantial. It’s something we haven’t seen in many cases.”

Continue reading “Skeptical ‘Varsity Blues’ Judge Gives Coach Fighter’s Chance” on the Law360 website (subscription required).

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