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Amy Morrissey

Amy Morrissey Writes “Let’s make a deal: The fine art of negotiating business acquisitions” for the Worcester Business Journal

It may seem like the hardest part of a business deal is finding a suitable partner for a merger or acquisition, but as Amy Morrissey discusses in her Worcester Business Journal article “Let’s make a deal: The fine art of negotiating business acquisitions,” the challenges have only just begun. The next big step involves negotiation, and it’s important to have an accountant and a lawyer during this stage. In the article, Amy discusses how the right professionals can protect your interests during negotiations and provides an example of what can happen when accountants and lawyers are hired too late in the business deal. Here is an excerpt:

Once these key players are in place, the parties can help you negotiate the best deal for you. One of my clients, who came to me too late, was adamant about keeping his deal simple. Paying $525,000 for an assisted living facility, he wanted only a purchase price payout at closing and did not consult experts. But while he negotiated the purchase agreement, the company’s working capital tanked. So, the buyer had to inject another $200,000 into the business to keep it running, essentially making the purchase price $725,000. Had the buyer structured the deal more carefully, this could have been avoided.

Continue reading the full article “Let’s make a deal: The fine art of negotiating business acquisitions” on the Worcester Business Journal website (subscription required).




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