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Lynette Paczkowski

Worcester Telegram & Gazette interviews Lynette Paczkowski in “One on One: Lynette Paczkowski, president of the Worcester County Bar Association”

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette interviewed Lynette Paczkowski in “One on One: Lynette Paczkowski, president of the Worcester County Bar Association.” Lynette discusses her experience with the WCBA, her goals for the association, and how she hopes it will impact other budding attorneys in Worcester. Below is an excerpt from her interview:

What can the WCBA offer the city’s lawyers?
I think the overarching mission is to be a resource for attorneys. It is a voluntary association, a professional association, but we do a lot. We offer educational components. We offer networking. We offer mentoring programs. So, I always tell attorneys, it’s really what you make of it. But we’re here to be a resource, like offering fee dispute resolution for your clients. There is a collegiality that comes with practicing in the bar, and it starts with your local law association. We want lawyers to better themselves personally and better themselves professionally.

How did the WCBA better you?
My first job out of law school was in Worcester. Having not grown up here, I found the people I worked with were great, but they were all older; most of them lived in the suburbs and had children. After about two and a half years, I needed to decide whether I was going to establish my practice and set up for the rest of my career. I got involved with the young lawyers’ section of the bar association and started making personal connections in addition to professional. In the meantime, it was the connections I made through the bar association that also helped me with my lateral moves, which eventually landed me here at Bowditch. So both personally and professionally, the bar association has played a huge part in helping me lay the roots for my career here in Worcester.”

Continue to Lynette’s full interview on the Worcester Telegram & Gazette website.

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