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Robert D Cox Jr.

Bob Cox Discusses 2020 Board Chair Role and Economic Development on Worcester Chamber’s Voice of Business Podcast

Bowditch Managing Partner Bob Cox was a guest on the Worcester Chamber of Commerce’s Voice of Business podcast on December 18, where he discussed how he started practicing environmental law, the firm’s deep history, economic development and his new position as Chair of the Chamber Board.

The firm, which has been around for 105 years, has deep roots in Worcester.  Mr. Bowditch and Mr. Dewey were very involved in the City. Bob shared, “That has been an attractive feature that we have for recruiting is that part of our culture, part of our DNA really, is to have a community for our attorneys to be involved in nonprofits such as WBDC (Worcester Business Development Corporation). Bob Bowditch helped found that in 1965.”

Bob has served on the Chamber’s Executive Committee as Clerk for a number of years and is now excited to move into the Chair position. “As Chair, I really want to hear from our members to hear from them on what they need. I’d like them to let us know what is important to them and what’s affecting their business.  What they need in order to have more economic development. And also so that the Chamber can be in a position to celebrate the successes of those businesses,” Bob said. He continued, “Our interests of the firm really overlap with the Chamber. We have an interest as a business to make sure that we have a vibrant business community, which means better business opportunities for us and better business opportunities for any other business.”

One thing that makes Bob proud to be Chair of the Chamber is the economic development that they help push forward. “Economic Development has been fantastic, as shown by what’s happening in the City…[such as] transform[ing] the downtown into an 18-hour City,” noted Bob.

You can listen to the whole Voice of Business podcast here.

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