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Robert D Cox Jr.

Bob Cox Writes “PFAS continue to be a concern in 2021” for The Beacon

The Beacon, a publication of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, has published “PFAS continue to be a concern in 2021” by Bob Cox.  PFAS, water soluble chemicals that build up over time and pollute our waters, are still proving to be a concern today.  Bob Cox discusses the dangers of PFAS and steps being made to solve this problem including MassDEP’s new regulations for public water systems to test for PFAS which begin this year.

Based on experiences in other states, the MassDEP does not expect to find widespread PFAS contamination, but acknowledges that the cost to an individual public water system will depend upon the extent of PFAS contamination at that system. If PFAS detections are widespread and at elevated levels, new state funding to support municipal capital infrastructure and other financial and technical assistance associated with PFAS testing, monitoring and remediation will be necessary.

Continue reading “PFAS continue to be a concern in 2021” on the Massachusetts Municipal Association website.


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