Our Approach & Value Proposition


Our Approach & Value Proposition

At our firm, we work on a premise called practical lawyering. It's characterized by implementing sensible solutions. We are active listeners and continually seek feedback from our clients in formal and informal ways so we can keep raising the bar on client service. It is this client-centric viewpoint, guided by three tenets—diligence, expertise and insight—that has enabled our firm to help clients to achieve their business goals for over 100 years.

Through lean staffing and innovative billing, we are committed to controlling costs. We budget appropriately with built in flexibility for unanticipated or extraordinary events. Consistent with current trends, our firm is receptive to alternative fee arrangements. Bowditch and Dewey offers project based billing or fixed fees, blended rates, capped fees, contingency arrangements, hybrids and discounts for nonprofits, as appropriate.

Philosophy of Representation

We want to achieve our clients’ goals as efficiently and responsively as possible. Promptly returning phone calls and turning documents around quickly is absolutely critical, but that alone is not enough. We need to know and understand your business.  The better we understand both your business objectives and the obstacles to success (i.e., both the big picture and the details) the better we can tailor our holistic representation.

We pledge to do the work to understand our clients and the industries in which they operate --at our expense-- in order to provide truly top-notch legal services. It is a pledge we know we can make because we successfully partner with our clients all the time.

The best client relationships are partnerships and it is our goal to become a seamless team with our clients.

Value Beyond Price 

Our attorneys have provided benefits to clients for many years, including:
  • Develop numerous tailored educational seminars
  • Connect clients through Firm produced and sponsored networking events
  • Offer knowledge management, including extranets, in support of client operations
  • Provide customized transactional forms
  • Function as short term in-house lawyers
  • Serve as interviewers for in-house positions
  • Provide offices, conference rooms and facilities without charge
  • Support personal and corporate charities