Is a firm with 60 lawyers, who focus on a variety of practices and industries, and three Massachusetts locations the right fit for you?

We believe that we offer the best of both worlds. Our firm is large enough to provide top-notch skills training, technology, business development and other administrative support. Attorneys have access to specialized administrative professionals and other attorneys to share the responsibilities of running a successful business. However, the firm is small enough to provide associates with a high level of responsibility, early opportunities for leadership, and meaningful client interaction.

Not too large. Not too small. Just right.

Associates, like everyone at a firm of this size, are a vital part of Bowditch & Dewey’s culture, work product and client experience.

Here is what our Associates say about life at Bowditch & Dewey:

“Associates are given a large amount of responsibility from the very beginning, and not just with research and drafting. As a first year associate, I have already gained experience with case management and business development through direct client communication.  There is a sense of ownership over your work when you know a client personally and can put a face behind the documents you are drafting.  You really feel you are making a difference.”  

Kathryn Szewczyk, Estate & Tax Planning

“I chose Bowditch primarily for three reasons:  (1)  the respect it garners across the Commonwealth for being a preeminent firm; (2)  its significant ability to retain talented lawyers for decades; and (3) its clear commitment to developing the long-term future of the firm with associates like myself.”

Jared Fiore, Litigation

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with attorneys in every practice area and to apply my litigation skills to a variety of matters, which is much different than my narrow experience at a previous firm. This has made me more strategic about planning my career and future as opposed to falling into a specialty. I genuinely feel that the people with whom I work are invested in my growth, development and success.”

Jennifer Garner, Litigation

"Our lawyers are dedicated to the growth and development of our surrounding cities and towns and this is something that is cultivated from the very beginning of an associate’s career.  Associates take on significant leadership roles both internally, on firm committees and industry groups, and externally, on non-profit boards and local governing bodies.   

Though associates are given quite a bit of responsibility from very early on in their careers, they are not expected to do it alone.  Each associate has a partner mentor and a peer mentor, with each serving different but equally important roles.  The partner mentor guides the associate on his/her path to partnership and the peer mentor is the confidential sounding board that an associate needs to build his/her confidence and experience."

Anthony Dragga, Litigation

“As a Summer Associate, the stakes were higher for me at Bowditch & Dewey than for many of my peers at larger firms. When you have that level of responsibility, you work that much harder to make sure that everything is correct and meets the partners' and the clients' expectations.”

Christopher Mercurio, Real Estate & Environmental Law

"I joined Bowditch & Dewey as a summer associate in 2013 and was thrilled when I was asked to join as an associate. The firm offers the perfect blend of both large and small firms.  It is big enough that associates have all the resources needed to develop as an attorney, but small enough to offer greater opportunities to take on responsibility and interact substantively with clients than at larger firms. In addition, the firm has a tremendous collection of associates and partners who are really interested in supporting one another and helping young associates to become great attorneys."

Christopher Marquis, Business & Finance