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Lynette Paczkowski.

Lynette Paczkowski Writes “When Divorced Parents Feud About Vaccinating Children” for Financial Advisor Magazine

Deciding whether or not to get their children vaccinated is one of the most recent sources of conflict the coronavirus pandemic has presented for divorced or never-married parents.  If parents are unable to reach an agreement on their own, they should consult an attorney.  Without proper guidance, parents could risk paying expensive legal fees or even losing their joint legal custody.  Lynette Paczkowski explains how to navigate this challenging situation.

If parents can’t agree on whether to vaccinate their child, they should consult an attorney. The issues can get complicated fast—and have far-reaching legal implications. If mishandled, parents could even put their custody rights in jeopardy.

For example, while unilaterally getting a child vaccinated may seem like an easy way for one parent to get his or her way, the parent who does so could be in contempt of the court order that gave them joint legal custody and could risk losing the right to be involved in the child’s medical care at all. The parent in contempt could also be required to pay the other party’s legal fees in the case.

Continue reading “When Divorced Parents Feud About Vaccinating Children” on Financial Advisor Magazine‘s website.

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