Estate & Trust Administration


Bowditch & Dewey’s staff of financial planning, tax and legal professionals today manage more than $250 million dollars-worth of client assets. B&D’s Estate & Trust Administration services available to high net worth individuals include:

  • Investment of assets, including transfer of securities
  • Preparation and filing of papers in Probate Court
  • Identification and appraisal of estate and trust assets 
  • Preparation of probate and accounting inventories
  • Payment of debts, expenses and taxes
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Receipt of income and distributions to beneficiaries
  • Preparation and filing of federal and state estate tax returns
  • Securing of releases of tax liens and handling estate tax audits
  • Safekeeping of property
  • Assembly of fiduciary income tax data and assistance in post mortem tax planning
  • Preparation, filing and allowance and/or securing of assets to annual accounts
  • Special services in administering real estate or other kinds of assets
  • Maintaining good relations with, and providing a variety of financial and personal services to beneficiaries
  • Ancillary administration outside Massachusetts
  • Collection of life insurance and employee benefits
  • Reports to clients and beneficiaries

In addition, Bowditch & Dewey retains a professional investment-counsel firm which regularly reviews portfolios, makes written recommendations regarding the requirements of individual accounts, and supplies weekly recommendations for timely purchase and sale of investments. An Investment Committee, made up of three B&D partners, meets regularly to review the recommendations of the investment counsel.

Representative Experience

In Middlesex County, the Probate Court granted our Motion to Strike the objection of the contestant to a will of which our client was the proposed executor and beneficiary. As a result of our actions, the will contest is terminated and the probate will continue unfettered, which will result in our client inheriting about $1 million.